Property Management

July 15, 2013
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Property-Management-Services The Cox Real Estate Consultants, Inc. team provides full service property management for our clients. We prepare and administer leases, collect rents, confirm that tenants provide all insurance certificates, approve invoices and pay bills in accordance with annual budgets prepared by us and approved by you and contract, in your name, for all work to be provided at your properties by various vendors and then monitor those services to ensure quality and high standards.

In addition, Cox Real Estate Consultants offer integrated, value-added property management services to maximize an investors return, both in terms of current cash flow and capital appreciation. We also work with financial institutions for Real Estate Owned properties which have been received through the foreclosure process. The appropriate tenant retention strategy and program, tenancy mix and lease negotiation is a critical success factor to maximizing value.

We know that comprehensive and clear reporting is essential for a property owner to make quality decisions regarding their assets, and our reports ensure that our clients have a clear and accurate image of operating expenses, rental income, accruals, capital projects underway and occupancy. In the ever-changing market climate, and with increasing vacancies, it is especially important to have a strong, well-trained and qualified property manager that is an asset to the property and its owner.

Cox Rec in Redding

Property Management

  • Day-to-Day Oversight of Property
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Repair and Maintenance of Property
  • Vendor Contract Negotiation
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Annual Operating Budget Preparation
  • Cash Management
  • Full Service Accounting
  • Expandable Services to Meet Client’s Needs

Properties We Currently Manage

 1890-Park-Marina-Drive1890 Park Marina Drive A two-story multi-tenant office building consisting of 17, 898 Sq Ft, is part of the Park Marina Plaza.
1800-1868-Park-Marina-Drive1800-1868 Park Marina Drive A 26,106 Sq Ft office strip also located in Park Marina Plaza.
1880-Park-Marina-Drive1880 Park Marina Drive A 40,000 Sq Ft. Building, also a part of the Park Marina Plaza.
1175-Hartnell-Avenue1175 Hartnell Avenue A two-story rental and office building, consisting of 12,530 Sq Ft, is home to Harbor Freight Tools.
1880-Shasta-Street1880 Shasta Street A multi-tenant office building consisting of 11,637 Sq Ft.
2877 Childress Drive, Anderson, CA20150820224252013283000000-o Single level 4,320 Sq Ft stand alone building.
2515-Park-Marina-Drive2515 Park Marina Drive A multi-tenant office building consisting of 13,299 Sq Ft.
 2590-Goodwater-Avenue2590 Goodwater Avenue A 3,312 Sq Ft building located near Highway 44 and Shasta View Drive, East of downtown Redding.
1355-Arboretum-Drive1355 Arboretum Drive A 13,587 Sq Ft building that was built using rammed earth construction and completed in 2006. Located in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, it currently houses the offices for the Turtle Bay Administration Staff and the Shasta Regional Community Foundation.
2525-Park-Marina-Drive2525 Park Marina Drive This is a single tenant office building consisting of 2,264 Sq Ft.
916-&-926-Cypress-Avenue916 & 926 Cypress Avenue A 13,744 Sq Ft multi-tenant property known as “Cypress Colony”. This property is a retail and office mix, located on one of the busiest surface streets in Redding Tenants include: Umsted’s Smokhouse BBQ, Edward Jones.
6819-6823 Eastside Road
4873 Eastside Road
Park Marina Village ApartmentsPark-Marina-Village-Apartments
This is a 49 unit, one and two-bedroom apartment complex located on the Sacramento River.

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