The Importance of Property Inspections of Commercial Real Estate in Redding, CA

At Commercial Property Management of Redding, a Division of Cox Real Estate Consultants, we have been providing commercial property management services in Redding and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Today, we’re talking about the importance of routine property management inspections at your commercial property.


Commercial Properties for Rent: Condition

Inspections allow you to really know the condition of your property. You know how the property is performing for both the landlord and the tenant. You’ll see the first impression that a prospective tenant gets when they approach the property, and you’ll know what the customers and clients of your tenants see when they come to the property.


Commercial Properties for Rent: Details

Regular inspections will also help you notice the details. They reveal what’s happening at the property. For example, if you notice a small pile of cigarette butts outside the door, you’ll know that there is either some unauthorized smoking going on or transient activity. If you notice a wet spot, you can get it fixed early, which is the difference between the cost of a washer and the cost of major water damage.  


The earlier you notice damage, the earlier you can recover and hold the proper parties responsible. Once we had a garbage truck run into the trash enclosure at one of our properties. They intended to call, but got busy and forgot. When we did our inspection, we noticed the damage was not there the last time. We did some investigating, talked to our tenants, and recovered damages from the city.


Our inspections help with budgeting and cash flow as well. You can plan for long term capital improvements, and it gives you time to save, budget, and prepare.


Commercial Properties for Rent: Tenants

Inspections are also important when it comes to tenant relations. They see us on site, and we can develop and maintain good relationships. We’re there to enforce the lease terms and make sure tenants are holding up their end of the bargain. We can correct any bad behavior. For example, sometimes tenants get a little lazy and throw their trash over the dumpster instead of into it. We are not above digging through those bags to find out who is responsible for the clean-up.   


We can spot changes with tenants. If their lease said they’d be doing one thing and they change their particular use of the property to something else, we’ll address it. Inspections allow us to spot any illegal activities or things that are in conflict with other tenants. We protect owners from liabilities, and make sure there aren’t any unauthorized construction projects or vendors who may not be licensed or insured.


Frequent routine inspections are good for the property, tenant stability, and property performance. We’re the eyes and ears on your property.   

If you have questions about inspections or commercial properties for rent, contact us at Commercial Property Management of Redding.